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Study Building and Architecture abroad

If you want to design structures that seamlessly integrate functionality and aesthetics, then studying building and architecture might be the answer!

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9,400 job openings are projected for architects each year in the US

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$82,320: annual median salary of architects

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3% employment growth rate expected for architects

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126,700 architects are currently employed in the US

The study of Building and Architecture refers to the planning and designing of structures that are safe, functional, and at the same time hold aesthetic value. This field is an interesting yet challenging one. Moreover, there is great market demand for skilled architects. They are needed in all sectors including landscape designs, residential dwellings, restaurants, places of employment, shopping centres, educational institutes, and more. Thus, the employment opportunities is expected to keep growing for licensed architects worldwide.
Architects possess certain skills and among them, analytical aptitude is topmost. Secondly, they are effective communicators, as their profession demands collaborating with other professionals to work on a project. Thirdly, a creative eye is essential to the trade. It enables architects to scrutinise the overall aesthetic of a structure at a glance. And last but not the least, they must have technical proficiency in software needed for architecture and design. If you think you have the aptitude to become proficient in all these skills, then a fruitful career awaits you in the field of building and architecture.
Students can opt for bachelor and master degrees in Building and Architecture. They can enrol in a program of their preference for specialisation in residential, commercial, environmental design, industrial, interior design, urban design, and landscape architecture. The average cost of a degree in building and architecture ranges from $40,000-$50,000 a year.
Careers in architecture are on the rise. A 3% increase in employment opportunities have been projected till 2024. In the US, there is great demand for renovation and redesigning of academic and health care facilities. In addition, new infrastructures need support from time to time, and not to mention, businesses are constantly on the lookout for architecturally impressive structures. This means Building and Architecture students can expect plentiful opportunities in the future, no matter what specialisation they choose to focus on in architecture.
A Building and Architecture degree can open doors to numerous potential careers. The following careers are all related to this degree but some may require additional studies or experience:

Architectural Technician

An architectural technician is a middleman between architects and construction managers. Their job involves communication around the details of a proposed design of the building. They are the professionals who rarely take part in the making of a building’s design, however, they are mainly focused on providing guidelines for construction.

Landscape Architect

A landscape architect is responsible for designing green spaces, for example, parks, gardens, playgrounds, etc. They have rich knowledge of which plants grow in certain environments and which ones complement each other. They design a concept for space using architectural design software, and then, present it to the client for approval.

Industrial Architect

Designing industrial structures such as factories and industrial parks is what an industrial architect typically does. Taking clients’ requirements into view, they present their ideas and also communicate with a construction team accordingly.

Commercial Architect

The responsibilities of a commercial architect include designing spaces for commercial structures like shopping malls, apartment complexes, etc. Like other architecture careers, a commercial architect also draws the design, chooses the material, and presents it to the client for approval.

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