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IELTS Downloadable Forms

Click on the IELTS form you need to download your copy.


IDP IELTS Info Booklet

You can learn more about the International English Language Testing System with the help of our downloadable information booklet.


Additional TRF Request for Forwarding to Institution(s)

If you would like to send your results to any institutions, you will have to send a request using the form. Institutions nominated during the online registration will be used as a reference only. (any additional copies will incur administrative charges) Click here to learn more about forwarding your test results or to view the payment fees.


IELTS Enquiry on Results for Remarking Request Form

In case you want to have your IELTS results re-assessed, you will have to file a request. Download and fill out the form. This request cannot be processed via e-mail, and you will need to send the hard copy of the signed form directly to the office. Learn more about Enquiry of Results here.


Child Protection Consent Form

IELTS is not recommended for candidates under 16 years. However, if they wish to take the test, they may need to submit a signed consent form on the day of their test.


IELTS Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer Form

If you want to cancel your test or transfer your test date, you can file a request by filling out this form and sending it to and Kindly wait for the response for further instructions.


IDP IELTS Workshop Application Form

Better prepare for the IELTS test with the help of our workshops. Fill out this form and send it to for further instructions on how to sign up. Learn more about IDP workshops here.


For enquiries, please reach us through:

IDP Education Ltd. - Manila Office


IDP Education Limited - Cebu

  • Phone:  032 236 2758
  • Email:
  • Mobile:  0908 810 7096

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Preparation support

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