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Use wireless headphones in the Listening Test!

We want to make sure that you are given a fair chance to get the best IELTS score you can get. You can have that with IDP. We are the only test centre in the country that offers the use of wireless headphones during the Listening Test to ensure that you maintain focus while taking the IELTS.

wireless headphones for ielts listening test

"Headphone-aided Listening test is convenient. The wireles headphones offer good quality of sound. No distraction."

- IDP IELTS test taker

"The wireless headphones are great. They can also be used as your earplugs to avoid distraction from other candidates who are whispering or murmuring among themselves."

- IDP IELTS test taker


*Wireless Headphones are available in Luzon and Cebu test venues. 

 At IDP, we recognize the importance of the IELTS results to you and your future. That’s why we want to make sure our test takers get the best possible service to do well in the test. Here are other reasons why you should take IELTS with IDP. 

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