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IELTS Test Preparation

At IDP Philippines, we recognise the importance of the IELTS to you and your future. That’s why we want to make sure our test takers have enough knowledge on how to prepare for IELTS test. These are some of the preparation courses and materials you can take advantage of.

These practice tests will allow you to experience computer-delivered IELTS on your own computer, so you know what to expect on the test day.

IDP Education has partnered with Macquarie University to provide IELTS test takers access to a comprehensive online preparation course for the IELTS test.

Presented by official experts, the Masterclass Webinar will help you gain a better understanding of the IELTS assessment criteria as well as targeted coaching in Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The Writing Webinar, on the other hand, will aid you in organizing your answers and making them relevant in the Writing test.

    The free booklet is packed with useful information about the test format, questions you might encounter on test day and tips to get the most out of your IELTS test preparation.

    The first-ever official, online practice tool for IELTS with feedback from official markers.

    Use our customized preparation search tool to access videos, blogs, and other free IELTS test preparation materials based on your preferences!

    Regardless of what test you will be taking, we got you covered - from IELTS test preparation to obtaining your test results. Call us now to make an inquiry!

    Take your test with IDP

    Take your test with IDP

    Take your IELTS test with IDP and get free preparation support. Choose from more test dates and locations.
    Practice materials
    Get a hold of IDP's IELTS practice materials.
    IELTS Workshops
    IDP offers specialised workshops to all IELTS test takers to help you better prepare.
    IELTS Writing Enhance
    Get personalised feedback on your writing skills from an IELTS Expert!
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