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6 Reasons to Choose IDP for Studying Abroad

Want to study abroad? Here’s 6 reasons to choose IDP.

If you — like many of our students — have tried to apply directly for overseas study, you know how tedious the process can be. Staring at that mound of paperwork, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and more than a little nervous.

Let’s be honest, studying overseas is a dream, but there’s nothing inspiring about wading through official forms and documents.

We’ve heard many students share their frustration and desperation at the constant back-and-forth between institutions and the tediousness of direct application procedures. Many express their relief at finding someone to help cut down their administrative burden and wish they’d come to see us earlier.

At IDP, we work with course applications and visa requirements every day. We know exactly how many copies of each document you need, how many passport photos to take and we have contacts at each institution we work with if you need more information. Our focus is on helping you succeed and making things easier for you. 

Here are the top six reasons to apply for overseas study through us:

1. Make it personal

We want you to find your best possible course. You’ve got an incredible career ahead of you and we’ll help set you up for success. We are your guides to navigate a complex foreign education system.

With our years of experience, we have expert knowledge of application processes and requirements so you’ll get the most informed guidance to back up your case.

2. Make it easier on yourself

We work with more than 800 universities and schools. We’ve built our relationships with these partners through successful student placements for over 50 years. We’re up to date with their latest changes and new opportunities.

3. Save your money for the fun stuff

IDP doesn’t charge agent fees for applications, so you’ll get all the convenience with none of the cost. Many universities and schools also waive their application fees when you apply through us.

4. More than just placement

We offer a full suite of services, covering English language testing (IELTS), visas and pre-departure advice. We support you with advice and assistance with essential services you’ll need while living abroad, like medical insurance, accommodation and banking.

5. Part of a living network

When choosing a study abroad adviser, asking for references is kind of a no-brainer. If other students are happy with the service, chances are you will be as well. Each year, there are more than 15,000 IDP students studying around the world. We’ll put you in touch with alumni or current students who’ve been where you want to be and are happy to share their stories.

6. New in town? You’re not alone.

IDP is a living network of students, alumni and employers, buzzing across the world. When you arrive in your new country, we’ll connect you with other IDP students through welcome events to help you settle in.

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