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IDP Study Abroad Seminar

Meet world-class universities under one roof!

Planning to study abroad can be a challenging process, especially if you have many questions that need answers, like what university is best for me? What subjects or programs can best fit my career aspirations? How much does it cost to study abroad? There are so many options, and you must make the right decision. It’s your future we are talking about here!

If these sound like some of the questions you have in your mind – there may be a lot more! Then you should register for the IDP Study Abroad Seminar where the experts will guide you in the right direction.

What’s the IDP Study Abroad Seminar?

The IDP Study Abroad Seminar is one of the most distinguished higher education fairs in the Middle East. IDP Education has been organizing this exhibition for more than 18 years, bringing together over 100 leading universities and colleges from top study abroad destinations, like Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand – all under one roof. It has become a meeting point for universities and students who want to turn their study abroad ambitions into action.

What happens at the IDP Seminar?

The Seminar hosts representatives from a large number of universities and colleges. These representatives are ready to provide you with in-depth information about their programs, degrees, and admission conditions. They also answer all your questions about studying at their universities, application, tuition fees, scholarships, etc. Some of them can give you on-spot offer if you have the required documents and meet the admission criteria.

Who can attend the IDP Seminar?

Anyone who is interested in studying abroad! 

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When is the next IDP Seminar?

IDP Study Abroad Seminar is held twice a year, usually in February/ March and September/ October every year.

What to expect at the Seminar?

Here are the top things you will be doing at the Seminar: 

  • Meet IDP counsellors for a fast pre-counselling to narrow down your options. They will guide you to which universities that match your requirements. And after the Seminar, they will follow up with you for application and the next steps of your study abroad journey. 
  • Meet with the universities’ representatives. You can discuss your options and get answers to all your questions about the institution. 
  • After the virtual seminar: the IDP team will be calling you to assist with your next steps including your application, visa requirements and other steps for your study abroad journey.

Since the upcoming Seminar will be virtual, check out how you will connect with your preferred institutions:

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The best time to create a better future is NOW! 

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